Priča o tijelu (Story of the body)

Pupils of grades 3a and b, and Sanja Josipović (HR)

2.6.2011. | 12:00h | HKD Rijeka

Music: John Cage - Triple paced i Sonata XIII; kao inspiracija korištena i "4`33"
Music associate: Marin Alvir
Choreography: Učenice 3a i b razreda i Sanja Josipović
Costumes: Jasna Bajlo

About the show:

Still Body  and body in motion
Relaxed and stout body
Parts of the body and body as a whole
The vertical and the horizontal positioning of the body
Body in space and body through the space
My body and the body of others, together and separate
Rhythm from within and from outside
Sculpture and the body
Performing body, the body that speaks.

This event is a contribution towards facilitating meeting points of educational institutions who develop young dancers.