Vjeverice uzvraćaju udarac

Maja Drobac (HR)

11.6.2011. | 19:30h | ZPC

Author: Maja Drobac
Choreography and Performance: Sara Barbieri (ZPA), Darija Doždor (ZPA), Maja Drobac, Ognjen Vučinić (ZPA)
Light Design: Marko Bolković
Costumes: Petra Dančević, teta iz frankopanske
Music Editing: Adam Semijalac
Production: Dance Lab Collective, Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples

About the show
"Squirrels deal the final blow" continues on the previous success of the “Charge of the Squirrels. (…). Two and a half years later since the prior "Charge of the Squirrels" dancers are asked to investigate their recollection, memory and perception of that work. Have we changed that much, or did we have the courage to stay the same? What is immediately noticeable is that the "Squirrels deal the final blow" is that they are not alone as a New Squirrel enters the space and with its very presence impacts change. (…) The public is (again) asked to join the squirrels in their adventures through the perceptions which lead them visually and unobtrusively, along with sound coming from all sides of the space, and to create their own individual itinerary.
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