Cerberus | Fresco


Fresco - Yoram Karmi Dance Company (IL)

26.5.2013. | 19:30h | HNK
photo: Tami Weiss

Choreography: Yoram Karmi
Original music: Alberto Shwartz
Costume design: Aviad Herman
Light design: Yaakov Baresi
Mask design: Ron Glait
Photography: Tami Weiss
Dancers: Inge Marije Lammertink, Adi Shimshi, Brittian Jarret Jackson, Oded Eliezer Ronen, Coral Friedman, Tomer Golan, Saar Maderer, Kaja Lin Jagodic Avgustin, Moses Alexander
Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Tickets pre-sale: 50kn/100kn
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About the show:

Yoram Karmi’s new piece - “Cerberus” corresponds with the Greek mythology stories and ideas without logging the details of each story. The mythical and imaginary world, where across the river and beyond, to the gate of the next world - a different life occurs.

The myths of “Medusa”, “Charon and the river Styx”, “Orpheus and Eurydice”, “Labyrinth of the Minotaur”, “The Muses” and “Cerberus” infiltrate the piece affecting the dancers and their experiences on stage.

“Cerberus” is the three-headed guard dog on the gates of the underworld. At the core  of the movement and motives is the notion  that he can see all around him. Most of the piece occurs on a small floating stage,  as a ferry,  almost as if it were one of the dancers, allowing the audience to experience the movement each time from different angles.

Karmi delivers a dance piece that is characterized by extremely high technical  virtuosity and physically demanding movements. The dancers  perform on and around the “floating” stage which  challenges their physical abilities and produces movement within a movement.

In the zone between reality and fantasy, between the physical and spiritual worlds, the piece is characterized by the nature of a landscape almost dark and mysterious, allowing a glimpse into the moment when on this last journey one reaches the afterlife. A world where laws are annulled and memories, desires and love are always under the watchful eye of the three headed guard dog.