Ottetto | EnKnapGroup


EnKnapGroup / Iztok Kovač (SI)

3.6.2013. | 20:00h |MSU

Concept, choreography: Iztok Kovač
Created and performed by: EnKnapGroup: Luke Thomas Dunne Ida Hellsten Bence Mezei, Ana Štefanec, Tamás Tuza

Music: Igor Stravinsky, Octet, 1923
Compositional Additions: Gregor Pompe, Komposter
flute: Kaja Lešnjak
clarinet: Jože Kotar
bassoon 1: Arpad Piri Balazs
bassoon 2: Miha Petkovšek
trumpet 1: Franc Kosem
trumpet 2: Leon Pokeržnik
trombone 1: Mihael Šuler
trombone 2: David Kajič
conductor: Živa Ploj Peršuh

Musical Consultant: Gregor Pompe
Light Design: Jaka Šimenc
Set Design: Jaka Šimenc, Komposter, Iztok Kovač
Costume Design: Valter Kobal
Narration: Nada Vodušek and Faris Endris Rahoma (to credit for performances in German) or Marko Simšič (to credit for performances in English)
Technical Support: Luka Curk, Omar Ismail
Rehearsal Director: Tanja Skok
Photographs: Andrej Lamut, Miha Fras
Executive Producer: Karmen Keržar
Production: EN-KNAP Productions
Partner: Društvo ustvarjalcev sodobne slovenske kulture - Delavnica
Premiere: 23 October 2012, Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Created with the financial assistance from the City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture, and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia
Tickets pre-sale: 75kn
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O predstavi:

In his latest performance, Iztok Kovač choreographically decomposes, analyses and then reconstructs and visualizes Octet, an exceptional 16-minute composition by Igor Stravinsky from 1923, as if the piece was commissioned by this Russian visionary, revolutionary and musical enfant terrible specifically for a dance performance.

In addition to the eight musicians (Festine Ensemble) and the conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh, Kovač includes in Ottetto also the five dancers of his EnKnapGroup Dance Company and a team of visual artists. From various perspectives he explores the existing relations of the artists involved with this composition, and presents Octet as a musical work that is still very much relevant and topical today.

Iz medija:
A fruitful, masterly work interplaying dance, music and visual effects with an astonishing aesthetic and stage effect. - Radio Slovenia 1

The most thorough and complex performance by Iztok Kovač to date. - Delo Newspaper

O ansamblu:
The permanent dance company EnKnapGroup founded in 2007 by Iztok Kovač and EN-KNAP Productions is the only professional ensemble for contemporary dance in Slovenia.
A composition of remarkable dancers under the artistic direction of Kovač works with internationally acclaimed choreographers and directors of diverse aesthetic proveniences, thus developing into an A-class international ensemble. Since 2009, EnKnapGroup is based at Španski Borci, a Cultural Centre in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana.

O autoru:
Since the early 1990’s choreographer, teacher and dancer Iztok Kovač has been working to establish Slovene contemporary dance with the cultural space of Europe and beyond with his international dance company En-Knap, which he had founded in 1993. A year later Kovač established EN-KNAP Productions. After 14 years of project-based work, in 2007 he founded the international dance company EnKnapGroup, the first permanent ensemble for contemporary dance in Slovenia, thus beginning work on a repertory basis.

Two years later EN-KNAP Productions was entrusted with the management of the Španski Borci Cultural Centre in Ljubljana, where Iztok Kovač acts as the artistic director and programming curator. In addition to 30 of his own projects, artistic direction and pedagogical work, his opus includes also five dance films. In 20 years, EN-KNAP has introduced and established its own aesthetics on the European dance scene, forming its trademark, into which many acclaimed coproducers have invested. For his work, Iztok Kovač has received prominent national and international awards.