The Memory of Water | Maša Kolar

The Memory of Water

Maša Kolar(HR)

2.6.2013. | 20:00h | HKD Rijeka
8.6.2013. | 22:00h | ZPC
photo: Ksenija Španec i Luka Kosić

choreography: Maša Kolar
dancers: Ksenija Krutova, Ana Rocha Nene & Maša Kolar
costume design: Petra Dančević
set design: Marta Crnobrnja
light design: Nuno Salsinha
Realised with the support of the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance through the Zagreb Dance Centre residential platform
Ulaznice u pretprodaji: 60kn
/ mogućnost popusta /

O predstavi:

Based on The Memory of Water by British playwright Shelagh Stephenson, a real hit in theatres across Great Britain and the US. Choreographer Maša Kolar: “Even though my first inspiration for this dance installation evolving in the space was Stephenson’s tragicomedy, what really drew my attention wasn’t the story itself but the fragments and scenes which awoke in me feelings hard to resist...”

Three sisters (any association to Chekhov is unnecessary) reunite and recall their childhood and
youth developing an utterly new and unexpected sisterly relation, interactively - on stage, in the studio, outside of it - in an oddly female way, completely unaware. Are the three of them caught in a web of fallacy, fiction and self-deception or do their memories frame a new truth which is an attempt to correct the mistakes and omissions from real life?
The only reliable link in this dance installation is the role of The Memory of Water which is believed to remember even the smallest substance soaked in it.

O autorici:

Maša Kolar was born in Zagreb in 1973 where she completed dance training at the School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić. In 1991 she graduated at the Vlaamse Dansacademie in Belgium before joining Ballet Dresden. She is recipient of numerous awards: Mary Wigman Prize 1997 in Germany, Croatian Theater Prize for female dancer 2008, 2010 Austin Critics Table Awards, 2010 Copenhagen Audience Prize for, Production Prize of 27th Contemporary Dance Festival Zagreb 2010, Professional Prize by UPUH 2010 in Croatia. Together with Zoran Marković she has created a Full length ballet Interval for the National Ballet in Belgrade 2009, Othello for Bitef Dance Company in Belgrade 2010.