Marjana Krajač (HR)

30.5.2013. | 21:00 | ZPC

Concept, choreography, performance: Marjana Krajač
Performed by: Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé, Jacob Peter Kovner, Chloé Serres, Ana Rocha
Dramaturgy: Marko Kostanić
Light design: Duško Richtermoc i Marjana Krajač
Video-processing: Bojan Gagić
Graphic design: Valentina Toth
Realized with the support of Uferstudios / Tanzfabrik Berlin, Zagreb Dance Centre, Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, through the residency program at the Zagreb Dance Centre, City Office for Culture Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia.
With friendly support of Choreoroam 2011 - a Project by CSC Bassano del Grappa / Opera Estate Festival, The Place London, Rotterdam Dansateliers, a-2/Certamen Choreography Paso de Madrid and and the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance.
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About the performance:

Each movement, every state of the human body is directly conditioned by the protocols which are activated by the space in which the body is present. Reversible, a kinesthetic tension of an actual space offers the body its reference field.

Be it architectural space, imaginary space or ideological space, tools with which the empty space is filled with meanings are part of the different modes of choreographic thinking. The mode of investigation we used was based on the forensics of conditions that made these spaces empty and available in the first place, i.e. suitable for a proper artistic intervention - educational procedures, institutional framings, contractual arrangements in the dance market, division of labor, logic of responsibility, money flow, material conditions of rehearsal spaces etc. Through search for some patterns in these areas we induced it back to choreographic reaction. How is it possible to choreographically fill the space through the engagement with real abstractions, ideological sediments and material infrastructures shich constitute the empty place as such?

Instead of approaching a choreographic creation in a linear perspective, this performance drives all parts of the process simultaneously, forming a specific format between personal history, history of spatial systems and the excesses of fiction.

About the author:

Marjana Krajač is an author of numerous intriguing choreographic works that of different formats. She creates her specific choreographic entity by approaching choreography simultaneously as a dance and movement expertise, investing into choreographic thinking and archiving the current sensitivities of a body as a potent revolutionary surface. In shifting between elaborate and quiet, singular and complex, large and once-fleeting she is on the continuous reload of her choreographic territory which never cease to re-expand.

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