Roberta Again

Opet Roberta

Roberta Milevoj (HR)

3.6.2013. | 20:00 | HKD Rijeka
photo: Goran Škofić

Choreography and performance: Roberta Milevoj
Music: Nenad Sinkauz
Light design: Bojan Gagić
Project advisor: Matija Ferlin
Visual identity: Mauricio Ferlin
The performance is partly inspired by a dance film Contrada which was created in collaboration with director Matija Debeljuh
Project partners: Student Centre University of Zagreb - Kultura promjene & Mediterranean Dance Centre - Svetvinčenat and Croatian Institue for Movement and Dance
Financial support: City of Pula and Ministry of Culture RH

Tickets: 40kn
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About the show:

Roberta Again is a new dance creation by Roberta Milevoj who explores the possibilities of potential emotional perception of exteriors in relation to that of the artificial space of performance. She achieves this transformation sourcing material from the first space and moving to another. The dance material thus changes and supported by specific music creates a new perspective of performance’s time and space. Is the first, natural, space only a place we draw inspiration from the other, artificial, space? Is it possibile to transfer one type of space into another? Is it possibile that the space changes because our perception has changed? Is it possible to create a third, imaginary, space through revival of the physical memory? Is what we see, what we really see?

“I believe that the body, when it is in an unusual place for creating material, like in the Nature, it is faced with a lack of tools that it normally disposes of when it has to create. In such a situation, conditions in which a performance is created changes as well as the perception of the creation itself. I was interested in the comparison of these two experiences: how to as a choreographer observe the personal experience of the Nature and how to process the natural in the sense of a performance.” Roberta Milevoj

“I decided to record a “live session” while observing Roberta’s movements. I tried to tape these as if it were a case of a typical “field recording”. Hence, these recordings became my music score.”
Nenad Sinkauz

About the author:

Roberta Milevoj was born in Pula, and she started dancing at an early age in the dance studio ZARO. Roberta started her professional education in Zagreb and then continued abroad through seminars, workshops and courses. Since 1998 she has been collaborating with numerous dance companies and authors (Liberdance, Sodaberg, Montažstroj, Tala, danceJab collective, Marmot, ZPA, Studio za suvremeni ples). She is the co-founder of the arts organization danceJab collective which enabled the production of her first work “Trio”. In 2010 she received the Croatian Theatre Arts Award for best female dancer for her performance in the work of Matija Ferlin: Nastup.