From a Child’s Drawing | Stošija Zrinski

From a Child’s Drawing

a multimedia solo recital

Stošija Zrinski (HR)

1.6.2013. | 20:00 | ZPC

Choreography, performance, video and recording: Stošija Zrinski
Costume design: Stošija Zrinski (dizajn), Nada Sokolić - Vukić (realizacija) , Ljiljana Babić ( znanstveno - fantastični kostim, dizajn i realizacija)
Light design: Duško Richtermoc
Video editing: Tomislav Zrinski
Graphic design: Stošija Zrinski
Music: Ash Dargan, Denra Dürr, Autechre, Frederic Chopin, Martina Šver, Mirtha Pozzi i Pablo Cueco, Air, Diana Ross, Daft Punk, Joakim, Blondie, Aphex Twin
Realised in collaboration with Zagreb Dance Centre, Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, Community College Dubrava, Zadar Dance Company, Graphic studio Chilli
Financial support: County of Zadar
Note: the duration of the performance has been shortened for this festival

Tickets pre-sale: 40kn
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About the performance:

This solo recital is a collage of different dance solos performed and accompanied by the author’s own videos created over a period of time. The common thread connecting these differently themed solos and videos is found in the simple motives typical of kid’s drawings. Hence the title From a Kid’s Drawing.
Motives found in children’s drawings are often of bright and vivid colours, which bring joy to adults. They are full of all sorts of details and exuberate satisfaction and goodwill. It is the artist’s desire that the performance also reflects this same joy.

The author finds inspiration, challenge and pleasure in reviving i.e. animating objects intended for playing and creating, such as: collage, toys, clay, and other. She also likes to explore how ordinary objects from our everyday life become something completely different when observed through a video camera.

About the author:

Stošija Zrinski was born in 1979 in Zadar, Croatia.There she completed the Elementary School for Contemporary Dance (today Dance Department of Blagoje Bersa Music School), highschool, Textile Design (TTF) and pedagogical-psychological education (Teacher Academy). She continued her dance education informally through training projects at Zadar Dance Company, Vem Studio, Kelkope Company, UPPU Pulse and, through workshops organised by Liberdance, Eks-scene and others. She collaborates with Zadar Dance Company as a dancer, choreographer and educator, and works as an educator in the dance association Shadows in Šibenik and as rhythm and dance teacher for pre-school children in rhythmic-dance association RPU Little Buzzer. She is also a costume designer and creator of video materials.
She has choreographed full-length works: Razgovor duše i tijela, Show Show Show (parts 1, 2 and 3), Colour and Tropical Society.


Fotografije s izvedbe na 30.TSP u Zagrebačkom plesnom centru

Foto: Tatjana Gnjip