Random house: Two | Andreja Široki

Random house: Two

Andreja Široki (HR)

2.6.2013. | 21:00 | ZPC
Foto: Ines Šulj

Choreography: Andreja Široki
Performers: Maja Marjančić i Ivana Pavlović
Dramaturgy: Vedrana Klepica
Sound design: Damir Šimunović
Costume design: Emina Kušan
The project is realised in collaboration with the Zagreb Dance Company, Experimental Free Scene and Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance through the programme platform of Zagreb Dance Centre, and supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb office for Education, Culture and Sport.

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About the show:

The second part of a trilogy by author Andreja Široki, whose concept is based on chorographic research on the specifics of female performative bodies and their implementation through set, existing materials and tasks, generated primarily through her own choreographic research.

Random House: Two was created primarily as a material for two solos and not necessarily a duet, with performers who have already experienced a similar working process (Maja Marjančić - Random House and Ivana Pavlović - Meter 70-something), wanting to set them in an inter-relationship in order to discover what excess material carries a specific type of dance rivalry and opposition to similar material filtered through two different bodies.

About the author:

Andreja Široki graduated from the School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb. She collaborated with numerous Croatian and international choreographers as a dancer, performer and assistant (Snježana Abramović-Milković, Katja Šimunić, Ksenija Zec, Marjana Krajač, Irma Omerzo, Jasminka Neufeld Imrović, Desanka Virant, Bebeto Cidra, Emilio Gutierrez, Alexis Eupierre, Martine Pisani and others).

Following her solo projects; My 5 Minutes of Glory and a dance installation In Search of Lost Time, she created in 2008 her first full-length piece entitled Cartography, at the Glyptotheque (Croatian Academy of Science and Arts). Four full length works followed Cartography: Gravities, Meter 70-something, Random House and Random House: Two. She is a member of the Zagreb Dance Company and is the founder of the Centre for Dance and Artistic Exploration.