Is There Life on Stage?

Is there Life on Stage?

- Exercises in Terraforming

BADco. (HR)

29.5.2013. | 22:00 | ZPC

Pravdan Devlahović (izvedba),
Ivana Ivković (dramaturgija),
Ana Kreitmeyer (izvedba),
Tomislav Medak (dramaturgija),
Goran Sergej Pristaš (režija),
Nikolina Pristaš (izvedba i koreografija),
Zrinka Užbinec (izvedba),
Lovro Rumiha.

Daniel Turing (softver),
Silvio Vujičić (oblikovatelj kostima),
Alan Vukelić (oblikovatelj svjetla),
Jasmin Dasović (oblikovatelj zvuka).

Lovro Rumiha

BADco. i Domino

Supported by: Zagreb City Council for Education, Culture and Sport; Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia. The production was prepared at the Culture Center Novi Zagreb.
Tickets pre-sale: 50kn
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About the show:

- A performance on Ecology without The Nature -
The performance-series begins in the idea of terraforming, a hypothetical process of deliberately modifying the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology of a planet, moon or other stellar  body to be similar to those of Earth in order to make it habitable by terrestrial organisms. Conceived as a serial consisting of individual episodes, the production’s primary interest is to approach and exhaust the topic of establishing new conditions for life and work on stage, networks of relations, ecosystems, forms of life, communities etc.

On the one hand we wish to reflect on a heightened sense of urgency to relate the global environmental crisis, on the other hand our aim is to reflect on status of reality in theater. While theater’s social and political argumentation increasingly exhibits a passion for reality, for the documentary, for the “real people” on stage, theater always inevitably fictionalizes relations between people and things, facts and illusions. And yet, theater  is always a collective act of sorts, always a temporary community with its own set of sociopoetic consequences.

About the company

BADco. is a collaborative performance collective based in Zagreb, Croatia. The artistic core of the collective are Pravdan Devlahović, Ivana Ivković, Ana Kreitmeyer, Tomislav Medak, Goran Sergej Pristaš, Nikolina Pristaš and Zrinka Užbinec. Since its beginning (2000), BADco. systematically focuses on the research of protocols of performing, presenting and observing by structuring its projects around diverse formal and perceptual relations and contexts.

Reconfiguring established relations between performance and audience, challenging perspectival givens and architectonics of performance, problematizing of communicational structures - all of that makes BADco. an internationally significant artistic phenomenon and one of the most differentiated performance experiences. Over the past 12 years they produced about 20 performances, research and educational projects and collaborations with Croatian and international artists and which were often supported by Croatian and international producers and presented on stages across the world.