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Improspekcije (HR)

28.5.2013. | 18:00 | ZPC

authors & performers: Sonja Pregrad, Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović, Zrinka Užbinec
production:  Improspekcije 2013 (Dance_Lab Collective)
partners: Contemporary Dance Days in Varaždin (VRUM), Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance / Zagreb Dance Centre
Project Improspekcije 2013 is supported by: City of Zagreb Office for Education, Culture and Sport, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia

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About the project:

„We are interested in what seems to be behind the dance, something willful and intuitive which impacts on the decision making of individual dancers and choreographers. We try to articulate thoughts; speak them out and at the same time raise awareness about how they motivate, stop or redirect the evolution of movement. We see this presentation as a space filled with movement, bodies and thoughts which, over a specific time period, continuously impacts on the stability of each other prompting a new beginning -, at the level of movement and thought. We will be pleased if, through attending this event and the experience gained through it, you become part of this work“.

Improspekcije is an initiative aiming to develop and affirm the improvisational scene in Croatia, strengthening international collaboration as well with other disciplines within the framework of improvistaion as a performing art form. This initiative was born in 2007.

About the authors:

Sonja Pregrad is a dance artist; an author and performer. She completed her Post Graduate Studies in Dance and Authorship at the Universitaet der Kunste in Berlin, having previously studied at the ex - European Dance Development Centre in Holland. Her collaboration as a dancer includes: Isabelle Schad, Willi Dorner, Katie Duck Frederic Gies, Keren Levi, Irma Omerzo, Željka Sančanin, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld etc. She is one of the co-founders and co-ordinators of the festival Improspekcije (www.improspekcije.com). Since 2009, she has been collaborating with Sanja Iveković, performing the work Practice makes a Master (New York - MoMa; Berlin, Utrecht, Karlsruhe, Zagreb etc.) She currently resides and works between Berlin and Zagreb where she is preparing her next work Dance in 2043. With Dance Centre TALA she directs TASK (an interactive dance magazine). She was a participant in the EU project Choreoroam co-organized by the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance.

Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović is a dance artist, author and performer, collaborating with national and international artists (Irma Omerzo, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, BADco., Mié Coquempot etc.). She is a co-author and author of several performances: U prolazu, Sobe, Moveranje, 7 tišina za 7 dana, Titraji, Trag / Trace / Spur (www.tragtracespur.net). Since 2003 she collaborates with sculptor Denis Tricotom (Duo danse-sculpture, Trio à corps, à cordes and Danse et orgue de bois).
Zrinka is also co-founder and one of the coordinators of the festival Improspekcije (www.improspekcije.com). She is currently studying at the School for Body-Mind Centering, where she has graduted in IDME (Infant Developmental Movemet Education). In Zagreb she studied Psychotherapy through movement and dance and has graduated Art History and French Language at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

Zrinka Užbinec is a dance artist and performer, and a member of the BADco. performance collective. She was a coordinator of Eksperimentalna slobodna scena (ekscena), an independent organization for the promotion of dance and performing arts. Upon gradutating from the School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić, she continued her dance education through diverse workshops in Croatia and abroad, while generating performing experience through collaboration with different artists and companies such as: Oliver Frljić, Llinkt!, Marmot/Irma Omerzo, OOUR, Rajko Pavlić, Matija Ferlin, Igor Grubić, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld. She has co-authored several dance projects: To Be Confirmed (OOUR), Importance of Having a Concept (in collaboration with Oliver Frljić ), Zastoji (in collaboration with Ana Kreitmeyer and Sandra Banić Naumovski). From time to time she holds contemporary dance classes, and together with other members of BADco, facilitates workshops across Croatia and internationally. She holds a degree in Econo.