The Other at the Same Time | Matija Ferlin

The Other at the Same Time

Matija Ferlin (SI/HR)

30.5.2013. | 20:00 | ZKM

Concept, choreography, costume design and direction: Matija Ferlin
Performed by: Claudia Fancello, Tomislav Feller, Matija Ferlin, Liz Kinoshita, Roberta Milevoj
Recited by: Ana Buljan, Marko Cindrić
Text: Jasna Žmak
Stage design: Mauricio Ferlin
Music: Colin Stetson (Constellation Records)
Advising: Goran Ferčec
Graphic design: Tina Ivezić
Illustrations: Juan Echeverri
Translations: Danijela Bilić Rojnić, Katja Kosi
Project manager: Anika Miletić
Production coordination: Maja Delak, Saša Rakef
Work of art used in stage design: Henri Rousseau Le lion, ayant faim, se jette sur l’antilope, 1898/1905, Oil on canvas, 200 x 301 cm, Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel
Photo by: Robert Bayer, Basel
Production: Emanat
Co-production: Istrian National Theatre, City Theatre Pula, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
Project partners: Zagreb Dance Centre - Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, Mediterranean Dance Center - San Vincenti, Municipality of Svetvinčenat
Financial support: Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Pula, The Canada Council for the Arts
Sponzors: Camping Tašalera, Vesna sirevi, Loborika, Matošević Istrian wines, Trapan, Kod Milana, Ford, Veralda, Jamnica, Arena
Accomodation: Arena Turist
Media sponzors: Glas Istre, Radio Maestral, Totalni - Radio Giardini, Radio Istra, TV Nova Pula, TV Istra
Medija partner: HRT Radio - Radio Pula
Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, Ray Bradbury, François Truffaut, Don Wilkie, Constellation Records, Autokamp Tašalera, the Ferlin family, the Milevoj family, the Debeljuh family, the Žmak family, the Floris family, the Zgrablić family, Miro Blaž, Maria Vorić, Dalibor Macan, Tarek Halaby, Aleksandar and Andi Bančić

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About the show:

After years of waiting, nothing arrived. The only thing that changed was the colour of the leaves, but everything else remained the same. The horror of the everyday ate at human souls at a rate never seen before. Money had more power than any other kind of paper whilst words lost all of their value. So they finally decided to escape. They walked for hours, they walked for days. There were five of them. Best friends, castaways from a world long devoid of any humanity. In their pockets, nothing more than a pan or two, a couple of tents and axes, and a few books. They walked and walked, resting only to sleep in shelters created unknowingly by Nature. They walked through thick woods and wild forests, through deep rivers and merciless lakes. An ambiguous map in their hands, their hearts set on finding an ever-elusive goal. Insecure about what would awaits them, confident only of what they have left behind. They walked and they walked until…

This experimental performance project is a continuation of a movement system research that choreographer and director Matija Ferlin started in Onformance, his first group piece. He further developed his research in the project Solitaries, his first text based performance as a director. The materials of the performance have been partly generated from the real situations that occurred during camping - the co-habitation of the individuals forming a group which works on a new performance. This project investigates the narrative potential of abstract movement, movement without any descriptive or gestural qualities, confronted with a concrete theatrical text. The concept of this new work is to move through the borders of the expected experience of the theatrical event by creating a body of responses, supporting text in a way we are not used to in classical theater.

About the author:

Matija Ferlin graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. He has lived and worked in Berln and upon returning to Pula he dedicated himself to research and rearticulation of various concepts of stage presence and other media such as short films, video, exhibitions and costume design. The production of Nastup by Zagreb based Studio for Contemporary dance choreographed by Matija Ferlin received three awards from the Croatian Actors Guild in 2010, and Ferlin is also a recipient of the Award as best director-choreographer in 2012, as well as being the recipient of the Slovene based Award for Best Choreographer in 2013.

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