Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception

multimedia dance performance

Fronesis (HR)

31.5.2013. | 20:00 | ZPC

choreography: Jasna Čižmek Tarbuk
director: Lovro Krsnik
music: Vjekoslav Nježić
costume design: Paola Rilović
performed by: Sven Bahat, Katarina Rilović, Marta Habulin
stage design, video animation and manipulation of acoustics: dr. Sven Lončarić & students: Pavle Prentašić, Miranda Kreković, Viktor Skolan, Paolo Cerić, Josip Faralija, Tena Dominko, Petra Vučković
Realised through the Zagreb Dance centre residential programme / co-produced by Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance

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About the show:

The piece is concieved as an experiment of correlation between movement, music and visual media. Three dancers on stage use gestures to communicate with the musical and visual structure that is stored in the computer. Their movements prompt specific musical and visual structures. On the other hand, structures that are evelove directly define new dance patterns and their dynamics.
This idea is elaborated through a series of short sequences, which deal with the relationship between music, space, the visual and the dance. Interrelationship of these elements develoops in real time into an invisible unit, which offers viewers/listeners a new, often unexpected sensation of space.

About the author:

Upon graduating from the School of contemporary dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb, Jasna continued her dance studies at the London Contemporary Dance School, and in Vienna. She taught the techniques of Joseph Pilates at the Studio für Körperbewußtsein. She collaborated with the chamber ensemble Komorni ansambl slobodnog plesa, and with the Zagreb Dance Company where she began to choreograph. She became interested in musical theatre and working with young children early on. Her work “Awakened Toys” was performed over 80 times. Jasna has received acknowledgements at national competitions in contemporary dance, and was awarded the first prize at the Grand Prix Italia. She has taught movement at the Zagreb Music Academy, and has also collaborated as movement advisor together with Vladimir Ruždjak in a number of student graduation works.
She founded the dance group Fronesis in 2008.