In Between Tracing Reflections | Melita Spahić Bezjak

In Between Tracing Reflections

Melita Spahić Bezjak (HR)

1.6.2013. | 21:00 | ZPC

Concept, choreography, video-editing, performance: Melita Spahić Bezjak
Music: Jamie McCarthy (In the night in the dark tracing reflections, One, Truly my heart has stopped beating, Violin&Viola)
Lighting design: Michael Mannion
Video - multimedia collaborator: Judita Gabulin
Cinematographer: Alma Spahić
Tickets pre-sale: 40kn
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Abuout the show:

In-Between Tracing Reflections explores ideas of perception and the experience of dance by the audience and the performer, reflections and shadows of both, the staging area and personal reflective presence, that between or behind the audience. The uncertainty of appearance of movement and sound are at the core of this work. The common space, shared by the audience and the performer, is an additional component which presents a challenge as  the intention is not only to familiarise the experience of the performance, but also to share it with the audience.
Darkness is only an element used to perceive the dance experience in a different way, to “listen” and to “watch” the dance performance. The auditorium being deliberately divided in two, wherein the audience sits opposite each another, placing the audience inside the very performance. The flashes and projections of fragments of movements, images and thoughts on what could be seen or felt, are the ideas which initiated the creation of this project.

About the author:

Melita has been professionally engaged with dance and theatre since 1992. She studied at the London Contemporary Dance School, The Place after completing the School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb. Before moving to the UK, Melita was an active participant in the Croatian dance scene and worked at GK Zorin dom in Karlovac. She is also the author and choreographer of numerous dance and theatre projects in both the UK and Croatia.

Her international performances include: Catch Me!, Wired, Live Body, Duet #1, Roundness Reels; Fields of Detail, Loud Silence, In Between Tracing Reflections, Never Ending Game and 5P-3B-1Way. She also participated at the following festivals and choreographic platforms: Resolution! 2007; Evolution! 2008 and 2009! organized byThe Place; Connect Festival, Lilian Baylies Theatre, Cloud Dance Festival London, Movement Research Open Performance Space New York, U.S.A./ Platform for Young Choreographers Zagreb; International Children festival, Šibenik; International festival of theatres, AITA, Kazzinbarcika, Hungary.
Melita has choreographed for students at the London Contemporary Dance School and at Roehampton University in London, as a guest lecturer for dance techniques, improvisation and choreography.