La Femme | Liberdance & Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples

La Femme

Liberdance & Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (HIPP) (HR/FR)

29.5.2013. | 18:00 & 21:00 | Gavella

31.5.2013. | 20:00 | Dom HV Zrinski / Karlovac

5.6.2013. | 21:00 | Filodrammatica, Rijeka
photo: Ksenija Španec

Choreographer: Rhino Saint Louis (FR)
Performers: Andrea Solomun, Iva Čevizović, Ema Janković, Marta Habulin, Nika Lilek, Mateja Miković, Sanja Kocon Vranješ
Music: Soundtrack
Costume design: In collaboration with the Institute for Textile and Clothing Design, and the University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology - BA Hons programme in Costume Design
Project mentors: Nina Režek, regular professor, head of department
Costumes designed by: Ivana Bakal, mr.eng.des.text., external associate
Assistants: Đurđica Kocijaničić Šnidarić & Sandra Škoro
Student coordinator: Sanja Jakuec, apsolventica kostimografije
Costumes created from sketch to realisation by students of 1st year of costume design ba hons programme at university of zagreb faculty of textile technology: Daniela Supić, Pavla Aleksić, Lara Vran, Martina Ivanković, Ozana Gabriel, Matea Bručić, Brabara Milovac, Aleksandra Koluder, Maria Rebeka Čupić, Tomislav Klišković, Anamaria Bevandić, Josipa Gregorina, Lorena Podolski, Dora Šintić, Mateja Vrban, Anre-Michelle Jovanović, Tijana Pivčević
Production: Liberdance
Co-Production: Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance through the Zagreb Dance Centre program platform
Outside eye: Mirna Žagar
With support (for Liberdance) from Ministry of Culture Republic Croatia, and Office for education, culture and sports City of Zagreb.

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About the show:

La Femme speaks about the transformation of a young girl into a woman. The choreographer celebrates the beauty and the strength of the female body and spirit, aiming to transfer this fascination into a strong expressive movement full of life. For him the woman of today is one that is confident, she is fearless, she loves life and she is powerful, she retains all of her femininity and will not use her secret powers in vain and will retain a playful side. It is because of all these characteristics that a girl or a woman can achieve anything she dreams of, without fear, without inhibition. The world is hers to take, she is a woman of this world and time.

About the author:

Rhino Saint Loui, an established French based choreographer, dancer and teacher, originally from the Caribbean island of Martinique, collaborates with several choreographic centres, although most frequently with: Centre de danse A. Pandessous and with Centre James Carles (Toulouse, France) where he has taught and danced since 2002. His choreographic poetics are built through a subtle fusion of New York-based jazz styles, as well as the Horton, Limon and Graham techniques. Contributing to his eclectic dance practice are also his experiences in hip-hop, gymnastics and kung-fu, so it is not surprising that his choreographies are also physically demanding and require a high level of performing stamina coupled with explosive energy.

About the project:

The pilot project Step Forward started in 2013 through the collaboration of Liberdance and HIPP. The aim of this three year project is to enable experience and knowledge to be generated and shared among local dancers through collaboration with international choreographers who are also interested in teaching. The goal is to offer young(er) professional dancers to gain new experiences working within a more professional environment than usual. Our aim is to also offer dancers in this program a chance to work in styles and apply dance techniques that they trained for or even that they will learn through the project. In each of these projects a more experienced dancer is included to assist with the transitioning of knowledge and experience, while young(er) dancer can through this experience determine if this is indeed their career of choice (often a demanding and challenging profession).

Liberdance received support to initiate this project through the Ministry of Culture, Republic Croatia and the Office of Education, Culture and Sports City of Zagreb. The project was prepared and is being realized at the Zagreb Dance Centre through the support of the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance ( For each of the future projects as well as for this one, dancers selected through auditions will be able to gain better understanding of the processes involved and including creative process from inception to performance. Through this project the co-producers aim to connect other creative studies and young professionals and for the beginning we are pleased to have secured the assistance of the Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology, whose students were involved in the creation of costumes.