‘Il bastone del diavolo’ | Kik Melone

‘Il bastone del diavolo’

Kik Melone (HR)

6.6.2013. | 20:00h | HKD Rijeka

Authors and performers: Mila Čuljak and Silvija Marchig
Dramaturgy: Nataša Govedić and Andrej Mirčev
Music: Giovanna Daffini, Yma Sumac, Fugazi
Video: Andrej Mirčev
Costume design: Oliver Jularić
Light design: Saša Fistrić
Sound and intervals: Adam Semijalac
Production: Kik Melone and MCUK in collaboration with Prostor +
Supported by Department of Culture, Sports and Education, City of Zagreb and Croatian Ministry of Culture

Tickets: 40kn
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Performance Format: Sostenuto
1. Andante passionato
2. Intermezzo diabolico
3. Allegro con brio a piacere
4. Aria

Towards the Dramaturgy of a Pose
(or on the Politics of a Pause)

Consisting of pauses/poses that occasionally stop choreographic and temporal continuum, the performance of “Sostenuto” is being dramaturgically and rhythmically defined in one of its layers by establishing a series of tableaux-vivants (living pictures) whose function is mirrored in materialization of bodies as a projection surface/screen of different identification and narrative procedures: from the world of proletarians, androgen Ziggy, and a lover’s discourse to bankrupt shipyards and post-colonial, gender-wise variations of subjectivity.

Realizing a pose in form of “pregnant moment” with which the act of transformation of body to image is motivated, Silvia and Mila also explicitly thematize dynamics of convergence between visual and performative arts thus proving to which extent contemporary choreographic practices have intermediality immanent; in other words, a dialogue with other art disciplines, discourses and genres. Andrej Mirčev
Andrej Mirčev

About the authors:

Silvia Marchig is a dancer, choreographer and dance educator. With Igor Hofbauer, she co-founded KIK MELONE as an arts organization supporting her work as a performer and author of numerous works, among which are the award winning This Is (Not) My Forest and Glory, Glory Hamlelluyah!. Other noted works include: Karusel, Stoker of the Sun and a book of illustrations Sketchbook.

Mila Čuljak is an artist and dance educator. She specialises in lip sync technique. A member of the First International Institute for Disaster and Chaos she is the co-founder of the Association for the Performing Arst Prostor + and founder of the arts organization Fiskultura. Her recent film debut was in the award winning documentary film “Marijine” directed by Željka Sukova.

Kik Melone is an arts organisation founded in 2008. by Silvia Marchig and Igor Hofbauer. They both ask questions about form and motivation of artistic work, within the scope of their activity. The organisation focuses on creation and production of dance performances, creation and exhibition of art works and research. Some of their current works are dance performances: Karusel, Ložač Sunca, This is (not) my Forest, Glory, Glory Hamleluja! and the Sketchbook.

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