Black | O.N.E.


interactive video installation

Artistic organisation O.N.E. (HR)

31.5.2013. | 22:00 | ZPC

Choreography: Martina Nevistić
Director: Iva Korenčić
Camera: Iva Korenčić
Editing and Graphics Imaging: Iva Korenčić, Dora Đurkesac
Performance: Martina Nevistić & Sara Barbieri
Assistant director: Dora Đurkesac
Dramaturge: Rona Žulj
Music: Luka Grubišić-Čabo
Organisation: Martina Nevistić
Design: Dora Đurkesac
Production: O.N.E.
Tickets pre-sale: 35kn
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About the show:

‘Black is not a colour. Black is; the visual impression which occurs when both eyes do not receive any part of the visible spectrum; a pigment that absorbs all wave lengths; a symbol, in its basic, purest sense - emptiness, absence, nothing.” (Authors)

In the project Black, the authors Martina Nevistić and Iva Korenčić use symbolic associations and laws of Physics of Black as a starting point for reflection about actions and subjects whose ability is reduced or impossible. By means of film and dance they explore the possibility of annul broadcasting of meaning, sometimes even by using contradictory acts of alienation, avoiding daily logic, repetition, accumulation and minimalism.
In Black this does not mean dead black, dark, or an empty frame, or absolute silence, nor elimination of any visual or audio sensations, but a rhetorical game of enhanced and reduced density of information which is used to systematically “black out” meaning, This at the same time takes the audience on a journey through an embellished world of dislocated logic of dreams. A dream like the one which takes Lewis Carroll’s Alice into the world of nonsense serving as an element to restructure this film and the entire projection. During the projection, viewers of Black will encounter different choices within the film which will allow them to always create a different course of action and submit to exploration of their own perception of both film and dance.

From the media:

“..curiously coherent aesthetics, playfulness and dynamics of the entire event are sure to ensure future audience. Black is a demanding project, which O.N.E. managed to finalise precisely and smoothly, with a touch of the surreally shifted foundation and interesting harmless play with difficult topics.”, Iva Nerina Sibila

About the authors:

Martina Nevistić is a solo artist, founder of O.N.E. art organisation and member of Zagreb Dance Company. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and in 2008 from SEAD (Salzburg Experimental academy of Dance) and participated in Nomad Dance Academy program. She is member of the network “Imagine 2020” in Montpellier. She also works as educator of contemporary dance techniques and dynamical forms of yoga.

Iva Korenčić studies Cinematography and Photography At the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and is a co-author of project O.N.E. Her photographic work has been awarded and published in various magazines and this year she participated in the “One minute film” Festival. She has been involved through education at the School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić and SAED, collaboration with Sodaberg and Centre for Dance and Art Research. She also works as children educator and as movie make-up artist.