Our Daily Performance

Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijević / FR/HR /

Today, millions of people share their way of singing, dancing, but also building, healing, exercising, learning self-defense, decorating their home or playing an instrument through online videos called tutorials.

In their new creation, Barbara Matijević and Giuseppe Chico approach online tutorials as new contemporary social rituals contributing to the formation of virtual communities, large-scale tribes based on a shared interest in some human activity. These rituals form around the most banal practices as well as the most sublime, evolving constantly according to the stories the individuals are telling about themselves.

At the center of this storytelling of epic proportions, Barbara Matijević and  Giuseppe Chico decided to place the human body – bodies caught in rituals of learning rhythmicized by speech: its cadences, drops, metaphorical windows and underlying fictions. Five performers from very different backgrounds will stage their experiences of life and of their body at the service of tutorials.

Playing  on  effects  of  sampling,  mixing,  matching and simultaneity, Barbara Matijević et Giuseppe Chico will explore the interface between ritual and theatre, between social drama and aesthetics.

In OUR DAILY PERFORMANCE , five performers will perform different tutorials on stage, often making two or more tutorials evolve at the same time. By working on the simultaneity of different actions, we hope to set off a sort of contextual collapse so as to create room for the emergence of new interpretations, new images and new metaphors.

Performance is in English, French, Chinese and Spanish with English subtitles.